Gym and Fitness Centre 2D/3D Design

We take the guess work out of gym design. Our specialists can plan and help visualize the floor layout and even involve you in the process using our Gym and Fitness Centre 2D/3D Design software. Whether you are planning a fitness centre, health club, yoga studio or a personal training studio/home gym, we make it easy to create your gym design before you buy the equipment.

We can even use icons of the actual equipment you will install in the correct colours so you can see how it works together aesthetically as well as functionally. Being able to view your gym design in 2D/3D helps you to make better decisions so you can have confidence in your choices and design. Plus, you’ll avoid making expensive mistakes, which will save you both time and money.

Once you have approved the design we can acquire the equipment for you, even customise the padding and colours if you need, deliver and install it. We do complete renovations so if you need flooring, painting, locker rooms, kitchens or change rooms – we can do the whole lot. Think of the time and money you will save working with a company that can provide the complete gym solution.

Whether you are looking for Remanufactured, Used or New Commercial Gym Equipment  we can put together a total solution for you that includes gm design, install, and equipment, just call  us on 02 9008 1481.