Gym Rax Quadruple Bay


Gym Rax Quadruple Bay Standard Suspension – Loaded. Gym Rax Commercial Storage and Suspension systems begin with a single Bay and end where and when you need them too. Use them to support group studios, dynamic training areas, felicity zones, or anywhere you need a little extra organisation or functional training support.

Gym Rax Quadruple Bay Include:

Universal Ball Rax (5)

Trough Rax (2)

Free Weight Rax (4)

Rax Bins (2)

Universal Peg Rax (1)

Freedom Mount (5)

Bosu Raf (1)

Pull Up Bar (4)

Gym Rax is designed and manufactured in the USA

Gym Rax Quadruple Bay Pricing does not include delivery, installation or GST. Call us at Gym Solutions to make an enquiry today! We can also help you with finance available through Fitlease. Talk to one of our trained professionals for help about our wide range of high quality new and refurbished gym equipment! Don’t miss out, call us on 9008 1481

12 weeks lead time unless in stock