Life Fitness Signature Series Gym Fitout


Life Fitness Signature Series

Used equipment is in excellent condition. Talk to Jason about this Life Fitness Signature Series gym fitout strength and cardio package, plenty of add-ons at great prices available.

1 x  Assisted chin/dip
1 x Adjustable pulley
1 x Biceps curl
1 x Calf raise
1 x Chest press
1 x Decline chest press
1 x Flat Olympic bench
1 x Front pulldown
1 x Glute machine
1 x High row
1 x Hyperextension
1 x incline Olympic bench
1 x Incline press
1 x Lat pulldown
1 x Leg curl
1 x Leg extension
1 x Linear leg press
1 x MJ8
1 x Pectoral Fly
1 x Row
1 x Row/rear deltoid
1 x Seated leg press
1 x Shoulder press
1 x Standing biceps curl
1 x Triceps press
1 x Utility bench
4 x Adjustable benches

Weights and Weight Plates (All Hammer Strength)

60 x 20kgs

42 x 10kgs

33 x 5 kgs

15 x 2.5 kgs

18 x 1.25 kgs

1 x Full barbell set with rack

Cardio – more available if needed

6 x Life fitness treadmills
4 x Life fitness Cross trainers
2 x Life fitness Up right bikes

Call Jason about this Life Fitness Signature Series Gym Fitout on 0424 742 127 to enquire about this full Life Fitness package that won’t break the budget.