Tuff Stuff Proformance Plus Lat/Mid/Low Row


The Proformance Plus Lat / Mid / Low Row (PPD-802) by TuffStuff is a versatile machine that allows users to train their lat muscles in both the horizontal and vertical planes. With a separate triceps station, the Proformance Plus Lat / Mid / Low Row is also great for pushdowns and overhead extensions. There are two basic ways to train lat muscles: pulling/chinning motions in the vertical plane, and rowing motions in the horizontal plane. Most trainees spend large amounts of time pushing in the horizontal plane with bench presses, and pushing in the vertical plane with incline and overhead presses. Balancing out all of this pushing work by including an equal amount of pulling work in both planes is important to prevent injuries and build a well-proportioned physique. To be able to perform both forms of pulling with a single exercise unit and no additional adjustments, is both a space and time saver. As an added bonus, the Proformance Plus Lat / Mid / Low Row enables users to train their tricep muscles without having to switch out the long bar for a rope handle or v-bar.

Product Dimensions:- Height 226cm Width: 122cm Depth: 173cm Weight: 213kg