Proformance Inner/Outer Thigh (PPD-807)

$ 6,630 PLUS GST

TuffStuff’s Proformance Inner/Outer Thigh (PPD-807) with 220 Lbs Weight Stack is a dual station – two machines in one! It offers a great way to tone and strengthen hip abductors and adductors that are commonly neglected with other forms of leg training. While squatting, dead lifting, and leg pressing train the quadriceps and hamstrings thoroughly, you may need additional work for the inner and outer thighs. Abduction and adduction have long been popular exercises with female trainees for their toning and shaping attributes. Training these movements can be highly beneficial to anyone, male or female, who is looking to improve their squat performance. Inward knee wobble, or drift, is a common error in squatting that is often attributable to weak hips. Strengthening the abductors and adductors corrects this weakness and adds stability when squatting or in any athletic endeavor requiring lateral movement.

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175 x 147 x 145 cm
220 kg