Proformance Plus Leg Extension/Curl (PPD-806)


The Proformance Plus Leg Extension / Curl (PPD-806) by TuffStuff offers a space-saving option for training both the hamstrings and quadriceps. Simple to use with great design, the leg extension / curl includes a self-adjusting foot roll to accommodate different leg lengths. Many other manufacturers use pop-pin adjusted foot rolls; which adds an additional adjustment prior to use, and feels less natural at full extension.

For leg extensions, adjust the pop pin so your knees are bent to 90° and the foot roller rests on top of your lower shins, just above your feet. Leg curls begin with the legs straight and the foot roller resting on your legs, just below your calves. The Proformance Plus Leg Extension / Curl’s selectorized weight stack makes weight adjustments between the two exercises quick and easy.

Proformance Plus Leg Extension/Curl Product Dimensions:- Height: 145cm Width: 109cm Depth: 140cm Weight: 265kg

12 weeks lead time unless in stock

Tuff Stuff Fitness International is designed and manufactured in the USA