TuffStuff Proformance Plus Leg Press/Hack Squat


The Proformance Plus Leg Press / Hack Squat (PPD-830) by TuffStuff Fitness combines two phenomenal leg training exercises into one convenient unit. The Proformance Plus Leg Press / Hack Squat includes adjustable back support with upright seated positioning for leg press exercises, and flat horizontal positioning for hack squats.

While leg presses and hack squats work all four of the quadriceps muscles, along with some gluteus maximus (buttocks) and hamstring involvement, their area of emphasis is slightly different. Generally, the leg press targets the vastus medialis muscle more directly, giving it that coveted teardrop look. While the hack squat targets the vastus lateralis more directly, contributing to the sweeping fullness that all well developed quads have. For this reason, combining both exercises into a single Leg Press / Hack Squat machine helps to further define and develop the lower body while saving floor space.

Product Dimensions:- Height: 193cm Width: 127cm Depth: 213cm Weight: 422kg