Proformance Plus Standing Calf (PPS-238)


TuffStuff’s Proformance Plus Standing Calf (PPS-238) is a full commercial machine for developing calf muscles. Surprisingly, calf training is frequently overlooked by strength, power, and fitness athletes and coaches. Many think that isolated calf training is not an effective use of training time. However, whether walking, running, pulling, or performing nearly any other upright exercise, the first base of support we have with the floor is via the foot and up through the ankle. “When performing strength and power movements, ankle stability and force production can impact our ability to perform at higher intensities. Seeing that the standing calf raise can strengthen our ability to plantarflex (place pressure downwards into the floor through the foot), most strength and power athletes will find benefit in growing stronger calves”

Proformance Plus Standing Calf Product Dimensions: Height: 170cm Width: 66cm Depth: 145cm Weight: 304kg

12 weeks lead time unless in stock

Tuff Stuff Fitness International is designed and manufactured in the USA