If you’re fitting out a new gym, firstly we’d like to say congratulations on the beginning of your journey! We won’t mince words, there’s quite a bit involved in fitting out your new gym, but there are particular aspects that you need to focus on most. There’s no shortage of competition and choices for today’s gym goers, and to minimise the issues involved in opening a business, you need to focus on what matters most. So if you want to be gaining and retaining members, let’s go further into what you need to keep in mind when getting ready to open the doors of your new gym.

Space & Size

Before we go any further, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the size of your gym. You might have grandiose dreams of Arnold Schwarzenegger visiting one day, but it’s vital to be aware of the space you can work with. The space available will determine just how much equipment you can fit and spread out. You also need to ensure that your gym has enough space or is structured properly for your members to move around, since if it is too tight and uncomfortable to move around, new and current members might look elsewhere.

A cluttered, squashy gym also isn’t going to look favourable in photos, so it’s important to be realistic about what your gym can accommodate and provide your members with enough space to pursue their fitness goals. Want a gym that looks good in Instagram shots? You’d be wise to use your space efficiently.


How much you can afford will determine exactly what you can set up in the beginning, and it’s essential to be mindful of your budget and how to maximise it. You also need to be conscious of whether your goals are in tandem with how much you’ve put aside. Ask yourself, how much equipment can you afford? Do you plan to have fitness/boxing classes? How much can you spend on designing, painting, etc? Will you be lacking in comparison to your competitors? By being mindful of your budget, your gym fit-out doesn’t need to be severely compromised and you can deliver an experience that your members will love.


You can have the nicest-looking gym, but if your equipment quality and variety aren’t up to scratch, the pain you’ll be dealing with won’t be the type that comes after a good workout. The right/wrong equipment can make or break your gym, so it’s vital to choose wisely. There’s always the option of brand-new commercial equipment from leading brands such as TuffStuff Fitness, Booty Builder, Gym Rax, and Rockit Fitness which you can never go wrong with. If budgeting and avoiding financing are the priority, second-hand gym equipment is another option.

If you’re going with 2nd-hand gym equipment, ensure that it has been sufficiently inspected and refurbished before placing it into your gym. While you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing used gym equipment, if it doesn’t last, it could cost you memberships. If you go the preowned route, ensure you only purchase equipment from a reputable supplier with a sufficient warranty policy.

You also need to be aware of what your gym will cater to. Will you be holding boxing classes, fitness groups or personal training? Whatever it is, you’ll need the right equipment for it. A proper selection of quality equipment and facilities ensures that all members will get the most out of every session.

colour & design schemes

It’s one thing to offer the right classes and equipment, but your gym must also look the part. In other words, it needs to offer style, not just substance. To keep members coming back and memberships growing, it needs to appear inviting plus easy on the eye. A dull colour scheme or walls with chipped paint aren’t going to help you when you open your doors, and you can forget about taking pictures for socials. If nobody enjoys the sights of your gym, chances are that will be reflected when they either cancel their memberships or choose a competitor.

A modern, pristine design with an inviting colour scheme will do wonders for keeping memberships consistent while encouraging new customers to sign up. As they say, first impressions are everything!


Depending on how your gym is structured, you’ll need appropriate flooring for certain sections. To protect the floor of your gym in areas where barbells and dumbbells will be used, you’ll need sufficient rubber gym flooring. Dumbbells will inevitably get dropped, and to minimise the cost of repairing damage, rubber flooring can do wonders! It’s also essential for reducing vibrations and sound as well as injuries, especially if you’ll be holding group fitness or martial arts classes.

While fitting out a new gym isn’t easy, by focusing on the most important aspects and getting them right, you can make the process much easier. Just like getting shredded, opening and maintaining a gym can be a challenging, but also extremely rewarding, experience. For everything to do with your gym’s fit-out and advice on the right equipment for it, get in touch with Gym Solutions here or contact us at (02) 9008 1481.