Gym equipment has never been cheap, but now, with the advantages of used gym equipment, buying them for your gym has become more affordable with reasonable prices available. It can make starting your own home gym significantly easier, as they can be available immediately due to no import lead times as well. But is second-hand gym equipment right for you? Is it right for your gym? Should you focus on only purchasing equipment that’s brand new? What are the pros and cons of both? Can 2nd-hand equipment affect your gym’s memberships or reputation? Let’s go further into the advantages and disadvantages of both, and which is better suited for you

The Advantages of Brand New Gym Equipment

There’s no substitute for purchasing an item brand new. While you can get nearly anything second-hand, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of purchasing it brand new.

If you’re shopping for a home gym, you might be even more motivated to work out on nicer-looking equipment! Even if you are on a budget for your home gym, brand-new gym equipment can actually save you in the long run. With new equipment, it’s much less likely you’ll need to worry about repairs or faults and with an extensive warranty period, if any issues arise, you can get it easily repaired without massive costs.

If you’re a gym owner, brand-new equipment will give a sharper, fresher look to your gym at the beginning, or as a renovation to a tired-looking gym. It’s a great way to increase plus retain members, and it becomes more likely that you won’t need to worry about equipment failing and needing to be serviced. Failing equipment or even those with a lower lifespan can be a serious problem in the long run, costing you money, time, and ultimately, members.

Another aspect that’s vital to you retaining members is planning the layout of your gym. Gym Solutions offers a 2D/3D layout to plan where all your equipment will be placed so you can easily provide the best experience to your customers.

Brand-new equipment can also look better in your marketing materials. If you’re going to photograph your gym for socials or print banners, new equipment in your gym can definitely give a better impression. It will also look better for potential customers inspecting your gym. As suppliers of gym equipment, we’ve seen many clients come into our showroom who end up choosing new equipment over preowned variants as in comparison they look much more appealing. All can be inspected in our showroom or seen in various gyms across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria!

With brand-new equipment reducing the likelihood of worrying about repairs and maintenance, you’ll be able to stay focused on running your gym while keeping all members happy. You’ll also be covered by an extensive warranty from both the store and the manufacturer. Now all that’s left for a slick-looking gym is a great playlist!

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the disadvantages of brand new gym equipment

While purchasing gym equipment brand-new might not seem like it has any cons, there are some variables you need to consider. If you’re on a budget, the price of new equipment can put a dent in your fitness goals. If you purchase it for your home and realise later that you need more space, you’ll be forced to potentially sell it at a loss.

If you’re opening a gym, you need to minimise as much overhead as possible. In between rent, paying employees, and maintaining your gym, costs quickly add up. New gym equipment isn’t cheap, and you don’t have a crystal ball to tell you how many memberships you’ll have in the beginning. Any business owner will tell you the importance of managing your finances, and purchasing all your equipment brand-new makes that much more difficult.

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The advanTages of used gym equipment

Much like you’d purchase a used vehicle, there’s the option to purchase second-hand gym equipment. If a home gym is what you’re looking to set up, preowned equipment can be an ideal option. There are significant savings to be gained from second-hand gym equipment, giving you one less excuse not to get into shape. An example would be cardio equipment, where it’s often better to purchase refurbished due to the large price difference and high costs of new machines such as treadmills and cross trainers. Not only that, if you decide that a home gym isn’t for you anymore and you prefer the sights, sound, and smell of an actual gym, you can sell the equipment without potentially incurring a large loss.

Any reputable second-hand gym equipment supplier will have an adequate refurbishment process to ensure that all equipment sold works perfectly. All parts can be taken off, primed, and painted, with new handles plus cables where necessary. While it’s easy to dismiss 2nd-hand gym equipment as being of poor quality, in fact, being refurbished simply refers to it being stripped down, cleaned, and remade to guarantee quality to be resold. For gym owners starting out, the chance to get equipment that’s almost new at a reduced price is too good to pass on.

Much like a car that hasn’t done too many kilometres, some refurbished equipment may have been used minimally, and as mentioned above, might not look too different from their brand-new counterparts. You might even have the chance to inspect the equipment and compare it to newer versions, which are offered at Gym Solutions. With a warranty policy on top, the only part of your body that will be stressed is your muscles.

With 2nd-hand gym equipment, you’ll have less financing to handle and can save significantly, especially when compared to purchasing the same equipment brand new. Even if it’s a small reduction, as a business owner you know well enough that it all adds up in the end. Starting and running a business isn’t cheap, and you need to utilise all options available to make it easier. As long as you choose the right retailer and quality brands including TuffStuff, Cybex, True Fitness, Life Fitness, Gym Rax, and Booty Builder, you’ll find refurbished equipment that can be good as new.  

The disadvantages of used gym equipment

When looking for second-hand gym equipment in Sydney, there are certain disadvantages you need to consider. A reputable retailer will ensure that all used equipment is refurbished sufficiently, although you may still encounter issues. Due to the nature of preowned equipment, there’s a bigger chance it may not last as long as new equipment. It’s even possible to purchase equipment that hasn’t been refurbished properly, and some types of equipment such as barbells weight plates, and dumbells should only be purchased as brand-new, as second-hand variants may look worn out as they get thrown around a lot, and new versions aren’t the most expensive. It becomes more concerning when buying ex-gym equipment for sale on marketplaces such as Gumtree and Facebook, where a warranty policy isn’t included and there isn’t a direct company you can refer back to if any issues arise.

Gym equipment that looks visibly used or worn isn’t going to be the most appealing sight when it comes to promoting your gym. First impressions are everything, and if all potential customers see at the beginning is a gym filled with old equipment, they might look elsewhere. Also, when it comes to putting pictures and promotions on your socials, a gym filled with older equipment is going to be a hard sell. Harder than The Rock’s biceps we reckon.

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There are both pros and cons when it comes to choosing between new or second-hand equipment, but being aware of what is best suited for you can make a world of difference. For attaining your fitness goals or starting your own gym, the only pain you want to worry about is from your muscles (the good type of pain after a workout). To ensure you make the right choice, Gym Solutions is here to ensure you achieve your goals at a reasonable price. For more information and help, get in touch with us today at (02) 9008 1481!