BH Fitness Movemia M230 Calf Raise

BH Fitness Movemia M230 Calf Raise offers an excellent movement to work the calfs by pushing the shoulders and placing the feet in the platform. It also provides the option of working each leg independently.

– The shoulderrests can swing so as the adapt exactly to any person´s width
– Handlebars with ergonomic grips.
– The machine allows to adjust the height of the shoulder supports
– Injected core fireproof seat. Unlike the classic foam padded particle boards, the injected core
offers the advantage of uniformity, anti-distortion and greater anti-bacterial protection. With M2 certificate.
– Vertical aluminum profile on the four sides of the tower that stylizes the image of the machine and provides greater durability
– The covers on the weight stack tower are made from ABS.
– The pieces at the bottom and the top of the tower are injected in ABS
– Customization possibilities

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INTERMEDIATE LOADS. A very simple movement with a finger is enough in order to activate intermediate loads (2,5Kg)

SHOULDER RESTS. The shoulder supports swing to fit any person´s width.

FOOTRESTS IN TWO LEVELS. It makes easier the calf exercise

– High resolution 11” screen (HD/4K)
– RFID for an easy login. The user will be able to access the historical workouts in an easy way.
-After log-in the screen proposes the exercises to the user automatically
– Multimedia content incorporated. Each machine incorporate videos to know the best execution technique of each exercise which is added to the information provided by the graphic panels.
-Connected on cloud. Together with the cardio, connected strength provides the full control of the fitness room, completes tracking of the customers on their journey, health management, real monitorization of muscles development, etc. And it´s integrable with any software.
– Precision sensors for the control of technical information such as repetitions, weight or sets. Thanks to an accurate sensorization system of the equipment, only the correctly done repetitions will be validated.

MOVEMIA strength machines have been designed to get the most out of connectivity. They include SmartFocus technology and are compatible with BH GYMLOOP

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Weight 290.9 kg
Dimensions 126.5 × 118.6 × 172.1 cm