The Booty Builder Hack Squat is a brand new addition to the Booty Builder range. The Booty Builder Hack Squat machine allows for a more targeted activation of the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, which can lead to better muscle development and strength gains. The unique design combines two leg movements, the front squat and hack squat, into one unit, making it ideal for developing lower body strength. The large adjustable footplate accommodates multiple foot positions for an optimal workout and comfort.


Reduced stress on the lower back

Compared to traditional barbell squats, the hack squat machine can help reduce the stress on the lower back. This can be beneficial for individuals who have lower back issues or who are recovering from an injury.

Increased stability and control

The hack squat machine allows for a more controlled and stable movement, which can be beneficial for individuals who are new to strength training or who need to work on their form.


The hack squat machine can be used for a variety of exercises, including traditional hack squats, reverse hack squats, and single-leg variations, allowing for a wider range of training options.


Our Booty Builder Hack Squat has safety features such as locking mechanism and safety stop, which can help prevent injuries and provide a greater sense of security during training.

Booty Builder is the preferred hip thrust machine for professionals, athletes and workout enthusiasts! Gym Solutions, helping everyday Aussies build bigger stronger BOOTY’S!

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