Booty Builder Selectorized Hyperextension

The Booty Builder Selectorized Hyperextension machine, allows you to conveniently hold onto a barebell for the added resistance, and avoids weights being dropped to the floor. World first, allows you to conveniently lift weight while performing hyperextensions.

Adjustable height positioning.
Compact Design.


The Booty Builder Selectorized Back Extension eliminates the struggle gripping weight plates / kettle bells for added resistance, when performing the hyperextension exercise.

The multiple height adjustments is ideal for any user, it helps you target anywhere between hamstrings / glutes and lower back.

With dual usage, it can also be used for leg swing exercises with ankle strap attachment. You can adjust the height of the handle bars to suit the user for stability during the exercise.

Additional information

Dimensions 1236 × 1578 × 990 cm