CardioGym CG6

$6,399.00 plus GST

CardioGym ® Push, pull, pedal, even kayak, the CardioGym CG6 offers the complete workout experience improving cardio and strength in a single workout.CARDIOGYM is the world’s best fat burner. In a 30 day scientific study people using CG6 loss 6 x times more bodyfat than those using treadmills and ellipticals. The results speak for themselves!

CARDIOGYM CG6 simultaneously combines cardio and resistance training with a virtual trainer guiding you through challenging exercises, making what experts are saying the best cardio machine on the market. A TRUE Total Body Workout.


With unlimited training possibilities, it’s no wonder the CARDIOGYM CG6 has quickly become a must for home gyms! Not to mention, a fantastic add-on to commercial gyms! Training your entire upper body with the pulley system which auto selects your desired weight so you don’t have to get off the bike and manually select your weight. The CARDIOGYM has been perfectly crafted for ease of use so you concentrate on shedding those unwanted kilos!