Cormax Fitness Bundle

$450.00 plus GST


In these modern times all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, physiotherapists and medical professionals know the importance of a strong core. Developing your core will allow your body to adapt easily and safety to all of your other sports specific training. This CorMax Fitness Bundle is ideal for gymnastics, dance, tennis, golf, rugby and football. Huge savings on this package set of 5 Cormax products.

  • AQA Balls are water fillable reinforced PVC balls that, similarly to a medicine ball, allow you to recreate numerous lifting exercises.
  • Grenades are a super tough bag, filled with air and water. Take them anywhere, they are compact and light with each Grenade weighing less than 1kg. Just find water, fill, pump and you’re training. (Set of 2)
  • Torpedoes are a super tough bag, filled with air AND water. The Torpedo T1 has the huge advantage of the unstable water flowing action.
  • Commander is your first step to having a level of core strength that until now you could only dream about.

The CorMax range provides destabilizing forces for sport, power and strength training. Mimic various movements required in all sports – football, tennis, golf, boxing and more. Perform highly specific exercises with a constantly changing weight instead of static training. Squats, Bulgarian squats, military press, snatches, lunges and so on can be repetitive and tiresome. The CorMax range intensifies basic movements, working your full body harder each rep to improve your strength and power. Learn more about CorMax

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