GYMRAX Bi-Directional


The GYM RAX Bi-Directional system is floor mounted and does not require a wall-based installation, which permits the ability for a freestanding configuration. The Bays are highly configurable and may be used for dedicated storage or combined with suspension systems. Customize by selecting various RAX, Wall Bars and Pull-Up Bars or connect additional Bays and Bridges in support of unlimited training possibilities.


  • Freedom® Mount Technology – Our proprietary articulating shackle system provides a safe & non-binding anchor for the suspension of all types of equipment including Punching Bags, Straps, Rope Training, and Aerial Hammocks.
  • Smart Storage – Each Gym Rax® storage bay is optimised to achieve the greatest versatility in adjustability and equipment accommodation within a minimum footprint.
  • Universal Ball Rax – Exceptionally versatile storage for ball training in all forms including Stability, Wall, Slam, and Medicine.
  • Peg Rax – Heavy duty neoprene rubber coated pegs crafted to hang ropes, mats, plates, bands, battle bags & more.
  • Trough Rax – A shallow basin crafted and air-vented to support a multitude of lighter weight training tools from foam rollers to yoga blocks.
  • Free-Weight Rax – An ultra-strong flat shelf with protective matting engineered to support all your free-weight essentials from DB’s to Kettlebells.
  • Rax Bins – A deeper basin powered by a slide rail system gaining access to a variety of small and odd form training tools such as lacrosse balls and boxing gear.
  • Dimensions: 4′-6 1/2″L x 5′-6″W x 7′-11″H
  • Frame: American Steel
  • Frame & Components: Designed and Manufactured in the USA


GYM SOLUTIONS are the exclusive distributors of GYMRAX for Australia & New Zealand. We can organise shipping/container/packing of containers on large orders. No GST on exports out of AU. 

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