GYMRAX Bridge Options


Bridges come in both standard and extended height versions and are unlimitedly configurable. Gym Rax proprietary Freedom™ Mount technology accommodates ease and safety of connection. Articulating shackles enhance suspension training equipment of all types. Select storage Rax, wall bars, pull-up bars and connect additional Bays or Bridges for unlimited training possibilities


  1. Single 14-27′ Bridge Configurations
  2. Bridge + Squat Configurations
  3. Di-Directional Bridge + Squat Configurations
  4. Multi-Bridge Configurations
  5. Bridge + Storage Configurations
  6. Bridge + Racquetball Configurations
  7. T & I Bridge Configurations

Options are endless, contact us directly for more specific configurations or documentation with pics for your desired configuration!


GYM SOLUTIONS are the exclusive distributors of GYMRAX for Australia & New Zealand. We can organise shipping/container/packing of containers on large orders. No GST on exports out of AU. 

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