Life Fitness Signature Series Gym Fitout



Used equipment is in excellent condition. Talk to Jason about this Life Fitness Signature Series gym fitout strength and cardio package, plenty of add-ons at great prices available.

1 x  Assisted chin/dip
1 x Adjustable pulley
1 x Biceps curl
1 x Calf raise
1 x Chest press
1 x Decline chest press
1 x Flat Olympic bench
1 x Front pulldown
1 x Glute machine
1 x High row
1 x Hyperextension
1 x incline Olympic bench
1 x Incline press
1 x Lat pulldown
1 x Leg curl
1 x Leg extension
1 x Linear leg press
1 x MJ8
1 x Pectoral Fly
1 x Row
1 x Row/rear deltoid
1 x Seated leg press
1 x Shoulder press
1 x Standing biceps curl
1 x Triceps press
1 x Utility bench
4 x Adjustable benches

Weights and Weight Plates (All Hammer Strength)

60 x 20kgs

42 x 10kgs

33 x 5 kgs

15 x 2.5 kgs

18 x 1.25 kgs

1 x Full barbell set with rack

Cardio – more available if needed

6 x Life fitness treadmills
4 x Life fitness Cross trainers
2 x Life fitness Up right bikes

Call Jason about this Life Fitness Signature Series Gym Fitout  to enquire about this full Life Fitness package that won’t break the budget.