Matrix Performance Ascent Trainer w Touch Console

Matrix Performance Ascent Trainer with Touch Console Offers full-body, low-impact intensity with an Ascent Trainer that withstands heavy use for years. Patented suspension design, variable stride length and refined ergonomics keep workouts quiet, smooth and natural, even when incline is increased to target and tone different muscles. Includes water bottle holder and removable disk to streamline maintenance.

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For fitness facilities that demand the best, Matrix Performance Ascent Trainer w Touch Console provides an unmatched portfolio of premium cardio equipment. A refined aesthetic sets your facility apart in a way that attracts exercise enthusiasts of all kinds and keeps them coming back for more. Our precision-engineered designs and rugged components are tested against the highest international standards, ready for the most intense workouts. Ergonomically refined touchpoints like seats, handlebars, sealed buttons and smart workout controls make even long, hard workouts comfortable, convenient and intuitive. A range of advanced features simplify and reduce service needs to minimize downtime and maximize member satisfaction.

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Weight 230.8 kg
Dimensions 178 × 74 × 181 cm