Ninja Grips Cones

$180.00 plus GST


Ninja Grips Cones are unique training tools for working variable-grip strength during pull-ups, swings, or single holds. The cone shape provides a beginner to intermediate grip that can be varied to create greater difficulty or a focus on pinch strength. Sold in pairs. Only available in black and made with High-Quality Polyurethane.

Set includes two (2) of each Ninja Grips Cones: 3″ Cones; Daisy chain Slings; Carabiners; and Lock Sleeves.

Suspension grip training for fun, exercise or training like a Ninja Warrior bring adds an entirely new dimension to fitness. Ninja Grips are the ultimate grip training gear proudly made in the U.S.A. Designed, fabricated, and tested by expert climbers. Train like a warrior and conquer training obstacles big or small.

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