Ninja Grips Spheres 3″ Red

$155.00 plus GST


Ninja Grips Spheres 3″ Red are the ultimate training tools for working grip strength while doing pull-ups. These effective tools provide a radius for open hand training, and are also ideal for small hands and easier grip compared to larger training balls. From pinch strength to core exercises the Ninja Grip Spheres provide more advanced rock climbing training options than your standard hanging tools. Sold in pairs.

Ninja Grips Spheres are easy to install, no drilling or bolts required.

As our climbing holds are made with high-quality polyurethane, this makes for virtually Unbreakable non-toxic holds.

Set includes two (2) of each Ninja Grips Spheres: 3″ Spheres; Daisy Chain Slings; Carabiners; and Lock Sleeves.

Suspension grip training for fun, exercise or training like a Ninja Warrior bring adds an entirely new dimension to fitness. Ninja Grips are the ultimate grip training gear proudly made in the U.S.A. Designed, fabricated, and tested by expert climbers. Train like a warrior and conquer training obstacles big or small.

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