Precor Discovery Seated Calf Extension

$2,250.00 plus GST

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The Discovery Series Selectorized Line Seated Calf Extension allows easy access and enhanced ergonomics for a precisely targeted resistance workout for the calf muscles. The curved foot platform provides a stable and comfortable foundation throughout the complete range of motion on the Precor Discovery Seated Calf Extension.

 Intuitive Seat Design  The linear bearing horizontal seat platform is easy to adjust and provides an effective position for all users.  The seated position ensures that users direct force properly through their hips. 

 Centre-loaded Foot Plate  The centre-loaded footplate provides more even resistance on both feet, resulting in smooth movement and decreasing stress on the machine components.  

 Curved Foot Platform A curved platform accommodates all users and stabilises the ankles to properly activate calf muscles during the exercise. 


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