Proformance Plus Jungle Gym 9 Station (PPMS-9000)


The Proformance Plus 9-Station Jungle Gym (PPMS-9000) is a modular system that includes eight 200 lbs. steel weight stacks, with the option to upgrade to 300 lbs. weight stacks. Highly customizable, the Jungle Gym allows you to choose the exercise stations, positioning, frame and upholstery colors that best suit your facility. The 9-Station Jungle Gym is designed for full commercial use, and made in the USA. Steel plate corner braces reinforce the main frame for maximum structural stability. System as shown: (2) Lat Pulldowns; (2) Low Rows; (1) Tricep Pressdown; (2) Adjustable High/Low; (1) Fixed High/Low; (1) Pull-up Station

Proformance Plus Jungle Gym 9 Station Product Dimensions:- Height: 229cm Width: 559cm Depth: 411cm Weight: 1415kg

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