Revvll ONE Rope Trainer


Robust, mobile Revvll ONE rope trainer with continuously variable resistance setting. The Revvll ONE is the perfect entry to endless rope training.

Endless rope trainers (or rope resistance trainers) are probably the most effective way to train strength and endurance in the upper body and core. Rope resistance training offers the highest time-under-tension and a constant but adjustable resistance for all pushing and pulling movements. Revvll systems are extremely compact, light, and can be used almost anywhere. Revvll was created to allow rope climbing everywhere and for every trainee. A positive side effect of the light weight is the fact that the Revvll offers significantly more exercises.
With classic rope climbing you pull the rope towards your body, with the Revvll rope resistance training, however, you can move the rope in various ways against a certain resistance: pulling, pushing, and rotating movements in different angles are possible.

Included in delivery: Revvll ONE rope trainer ncl. 13′ rope | Anchor sling | DIN A3 Exercise poster (English/German)

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