Scifit PRO2 Total Body Exerciser



Scifit PRO2 Total Body Exerciser is a professional-quality total body conditioner, upper body and recumbent bike all in one. The SciFit PRO2 uses electromagnetic brakes for a quiet, smooth workout and employs an innovative walk-thru design to allow even those with limited mobility to get on and off the apparatus safely. The swivel seat can be removed for wheelchair access and moved to the side for unobstructed entry or exit. The console includes a large variety of exercise programs adjustable in 1-Watt increments and includes bi-directional resistance to allow each user to alternate their movements in any direction. The hand cranks have variable lengths and can be easily configured to simulate a rowing motion. The combination of upper body exerciser with lower body recumbent bike features make the PRO 230 SciFit PRO2 Total Body one of the most versatile rehabilitation tools on the market today.