Technogym Jog 500 Treadmill

$3,000.00 plus GST

plus gst


The Technogym Jog 500 Treadmill with LED screen meets the needs of users who want to get complete cardiovascular exercise and reach a number of different training goals, including weight loss, toning and increasing endurance. The Jog 500 offers a smaller size and compact design. The Jog is designed to help the user maintain a correct posture in order to reduce workout joint and muscle pain while allowing users to reach a maximum speed of 11.2 mph and a maximum incline of 15%.


  • Length: 211cm
  • Width: 86cm
  • Height: 147cm
  • Weight: 164 kg (361.56 lbs)
  • User Weight:  200kg kg (440.92 lbs)

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