Technogym Kinesis One – is a single stand-alone station



Technogym Kinesis One  the all inclusive, affordable standalone pulley station. The Kinesis® One can stand alone anywhere within your facility. This single, affordable unit will attract lasting interest across the broadest possible range of customers.  With its two weight stacks hidden from view, the Kinesis® One leaves your members free to explore an infinite range of natural movements and exercises.

The Kinesis® One offers zero-impact exercises for wellness-seekers of all levels of fitness and ability, whether they are working on their balance, strength or flexibility.

You can leave your members to explore the benefits of Kinesis® One individually or create a whole new range of programs with the involvement of your trainers.
Kinesis® One is certified for medical use and rehabilitation

The certification of the Kinesis® One for medical and rehabilitation use is a powerful endorsement for facilities that want or need to address the needs of users who are recovering from injuries or have limited mobility.

This single, stand-alone unit offers a broad range of doctor-approved exercises and routines.

Kinesis®™ makes movement free and enjoyable, easy and natural, and without restrictions

Technical Specifications
Kinesis® One
Technical Specifications
Weight (kg | lbs): 365 kg
Height (mm | in): 2120
Length (mm | in): 1650
Width (mm | in): 1405

Additional information

Weight 365 kg
Dimensions 1650 × 1405 × 2120 cm