Technogym Kinesis Step/Squat



When exercising with a Technogym Kinesis Station you will thoroughly enjoy experiencing Intuitive Functional Movement. The popular equipment, which is extremely easy to use combines the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of more conventional equipment. This allows users to advance progressively from a guided and easy routine to more free and natural training.

The machines offer a wide variety of exercises and progressions which are free of limitations. Preferred exercise regimes can be performed completely independently or in the presence of a training partner or Personal Trainer. Users are advantaged by more complete training which assists in establishing the correct balance between body and mind, and improves the users quality of life.

The Kinesis Stations were created based on scientific research undertaken by Technogym. Full Gravity Technology allows 3D movement in space, and assists the natural movement of the user whilst providing variable resistance to those movements according to the range and angle of the radius of action.


  • Full Gravity Technology activates complete kinetic chains, rather than individual muscles, permitting movement in three planes in space: frontal, sagittal and transverse.
  • The patented cable loop system with 360 degree rotation allows users to move freely without interference with the body.
  • Full Gravity Technology is the only innovative technology to allow users to perform all movements, particularly push movements, without any of the interference between cable and forearm that occurs on all other conventional cable machines.
  • The user can immediately begin exercising because the ergonomic handle is always ready for use and does not require any prior settings or adjustments. The user simply grabs the handle and it adapts to his or her height.
  • Thanks to the double weight stack, each cable controls a single, independent resistance level. This allows users to perform all movements more effectively, including alternate and reciprocating ones which, otherwise, with a single weight stack, would make use of cable friction, without actual mechanical work.