True Fitness Palisade Climber

True Fitness Palisade Climber Offers premier safety features, best-in-class serviceability and versatile ease-of-use, TRUE’s Palisade Climber has been crafted to be rich in experience for exercisers and easy to maintain for your facility. Multiple console options provide customisable features, technology, and asset management capabilities for enhanced user engagement. AVAILABLE AS PART OF A PACKAGE – CALL JASON ON 0424 742 127



  • One of the deepest steps in the industry
  • AC motor ensures durability, low noise, and smooth motion
  • Step-up assistance with both rear steps and integrated side pegs, plus dipping handrail
  • Double-braking system for extra safety
  • Minimum ceiling height of 10 feet recommended

Whether you’re looking for commercial gym equipment or home gym equipment in Sydney, the True Fitness Palisade Climber is a must-have. With one of the deepest steps in the industry and a double-braking system for unparalleled safety, the True Fitness Palisade Climber is a big literal step in the right direction towards achieving your fitness goals.

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