TuffStuff Fitness BIO-ARC Series Mid Row


TuffStuff Fitness BIO-ARC Series Mid Row is an excellent way to improve your exercise facility’s strength training circuit.  Part of the most innovative commercial strength series available, the Bio-Arc Mid Row is specifically designed and tested to promote optimal biomechanics.  The result is a machine with independent movement of the hands and arms to minimise stress, and a seat that moves along a linear arc to increase Latissimus activation throughout the entire range of motion.

Designed and independently tested with optimal biomechanics in mind, the Bio-Arc Mid Row is part of TuffStuff’s most innovative commercial strength series.  Each machine comes equipped with TrakFitness 360° swivel handles.  The first and only handles to include 3 axis of rotation, allowing the user to move through multiple planes of motion.

The Bio-Arc Mid Row targets and strengthen the (latissimus dorsi) back muscles.  Additionally, it engages other muscles important to back strength and function, including the posterior deltoids at the back of the shoulders and the rhomoboids and trapezius of the upper back.  Strengthening these muscles creates a desirable v-shape that makes your upper body look strong and wide, while giving the appearance of a smaller waist.


  • Optimal Mechanics for Muscle Activation
  • User’s body moves along a linear arc trajectory to optimize muscle recruitment
  • Trak Swivel handles enable a full range of motion and rotational movements
  • Intuitive with minimal adjustments required
  • Stabilizes and positions user to target lower/mid trapezius and rhomboid muscles
  • Independent handles allow natural arc pattern and movement of joints, limiting stress
  • Custom upholstery and frame colors available
  • Full Commercial Warranty


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