TuffStuff Proformance Plus Lateral Raise


The TuffStuff PPS-213 Lateral Raise Proformance Plus is a complete, sleek-looking, full commercial-quality weight equipment that is a ideal option for outfitting any weight room, rec center, apartment complex or any type of gym to help you achieve your facilities needs.

Proformance Plus PPS-213 Lateral Raise – The Proformance Plus Lateral Raise by TuffStuff allows you to isolate the lateral deltoid head for that classic, broad-shouldered, v-tapered look. Theres a time and battle tested training principle that says to begin your workout for a particular muscle group with a meat and potatoes mass building lift and back this main lift up with two or three assistance lifts chosen to refine and shape the muscle. Following this template, a typical shoulder training day might begin with military or behind the neck presses, done in either the seated or standing position. After completing this mass building lift, the trainee would move to an isolation lift. At the top of the list for most would be lateral raises. Side raises, done as they are most commonly performed with dumbbells in a standing position, often degenerate into a swinging and jerking affair that compromises deltoid involvement as the traps and upper back perform much of the intended work. Even lateral raises done in the seated position on a utility bench are often not much better as the trainee is easily able to lean far forward and then spring erect, using momentum rather than muscle to move the weight.

The TuffStuff PPS-213 Lateral Raise ensures isolation of the lateral head of the deltoid. The seat not only adjusts for users of different heights with a gas-assisted adjustment, but it is also angled forward slightly so that the trainee is in a sound biomechanical position for lifting without having to resort to swinging to generate momentum. In addition, the Counter-balanced pivot arms provide smooth motion and low starting weight, and custom rope handles allow free hand movement and further ensure correct exercise application.


The finish colors, upholstery and embroidered wear covers on the Proformance Plus Lateral Raise may be personalized.  Add your logo to further enhance your company’s brand.  Factory assembly is also available for Proformance Plus strength equipment.

12 weeks lead time unless in stock

TuffStuff Fitness International is designed and manufactured in the USA

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Weight 238 kg
Dimensions 135 × 101 × 145 cm

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