TuffStuff Proformance Plus Plate Loaded Chest Press


New Redesigned September 2021

TuffStuff Proformance Plus Plate Loaded Chest Press allows users to train chest muscles with all the benefits of free weights, but without the need for a spotter. Push each set to the limits of your ability without a spotter and without fear of being pinned under a heavy weight. Additionally, the converging press arms mimic natural articulation of the shoulder girdle and allow unilateral and bilateral movement, offering muscular activation that is comparable to free weights. The U-Grip handle design swivels to maintain neutral wrist position throughout full range of motion, and the adjustable seat height offers even more customization. Position the seat low with the quick and easy pop pin for a higher pressing angle in order to target the upper pecs and anterior deltoids. Position the seat high for a lower pressing angle that places more emphasis on the lower pecs and triceps. Experimentation will be key to finding the ideal seat position for your body type and muscle building goals.

NOTE: Olympic Weight Plates Not Included

12 weeks lead time unless in stock

TuffStuff Fitness International is designed and manufactured in the USA


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