The Shift to working out at home!

Culturally, we know that gyms and recreational activity play a key part in maintaining both mental & physical wellbeing, along side providing a sense of community and social connectivity. Around the world, as the pandemic took hold, medical professionals stressed the importance of maintaining physical activity as individuals were more isolated than ever before. As a result, at-home workouts, and the routine they provide became a valued part of ‘lockdown life’ for many.

For many, working out from home is far more inclusive, affordable, and flexible – this shift in accessibility has somewhat democratised the industry, allowing more people to embark on a fitness journey from the comfort of their homes.

There are a lot of perks to working out at home. You’ll save time & money for one. Not to mention you’ll never have to wait to use your favourite piece of equipment again! The right home gym set for you may be a power rack with a chin-up bar, or maybe, you want a multi-gym that replaces eight machines. Whatever you’re after, at Gym Solutions, we’ll figure out the best way to get you the right home workout equipment in the right place. Whether you’re into cardio, weight training, Crossfit or yoga, we’ll design and install the perfect home gym for you.

We’ve been supplying home gym equipment in Sydney and the rest of Australia for many years and we’re the experts at designing a home gym to maximise your space and let you get the most out of your home workouts. With high quality, space saving equipment on offer – you might be surprised what you can achieve in a small space.

Some of our recommended home gym products:


TuffStuff Six-Pak Functional Trainer (SPT-6x)

TuffStuff’s #1 selling, patented Six-Pak Trainers have been changing the shape of functional training for more than a decade.  With a compact design, the Six-Pak Functional Trainer (SPT-6X) offers a space efficient all-frontal work station.  Equipped with six (6) cable pulleys at three separate training heights (low, mid, high) the SPT-6X provides smooth functional movements.  While the lay-flat 360º rotating bench enables quick and easy transitions between exercises.


TuffStuff Evolution Power Cage (CPR-265)

$2,490.00 plus GST

SALE! Evolution Full Rack with Adjustable Safety Arms and Adjustable J Hooks 🪝

Ideal for home use or Xmas presents. included 20kg Olympic bar and full set number plates 2x25kg, 2x20kg,  2x15kg, 2x10kg and  2x5kg.